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Carol Ivkovich


I started playing the piano when I was six years old. For the first six years of that musical journey, my dad took me to our church to practice on the church’s piano. At the age of 12, the church gave us the old clunker piano, which then lived in our basement while I pounded away on it.  Somewhere around the age of 14, I think my parents began to realize that I might be serious about playing the  piano. They (thankfully) disposed of the clunker piano and purchased a very nice baby grand for me. I continued to take lessons through high school and then went on to the university to pursue a degree in music. I graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in piano performance/pedagogy, having studied under Tina Votapek.

Since college graduation (1983), I’ve maintained an active teaching studio. I’ve also served as the Director of the Jackson Symphony Orchestra’s Community Music School. I am a board member of Michigan Music Teachers Association and Vice President of Capital Area Music Teachers Association. I have given webinars for music teachers covering such topics as designing summer camps. My current studios are in East Lansing and Jackson.

I own Masterpiece Music, which is an online shop that designs and sells quality music resources for piano educators. Additionally, I serve on the board of the Michigan Music Teachers Association as the Awards Chair.