1. Why “integrative arts?”     Through integrating or combining the arts  with traditional subjects (such as math, reading, science) into a diverse curriculum, Willow Arts enable students to experience success in school, community and creative endeavors. Our programs reach the whole child and bolster their self esteem and self confidence.
  2. What types of activities will take place during camp? Students will be exposed to a variety of concepts in a unique format. During the Magical Beasts camp, students may create “potions” from every day elements, practice math skills while working on rhythms, play games requiring teamwork and develop physical skills through creative movement and large motor activities. Students will be challenged to develop their musical skills through a variety of basic theory and listening activities. Magical Beasts camp include such activities as Horcrux Hunts, Magic Potions, Sorting by the Sorting Hat, conducting skills with wands, group games and more.  Every activity will be fun!
  3. What is Bucket Drumming? And why do you offer it? Bucket drumming is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the educational arena. It is a type of recreational drumming that appeals to all people whether they have had formal music lessons or not.  Bucket drumming promotes social interaction and teamwork. Students learn the value of discipline, listening and peer respect. Many times leadership skills are discovered during participation in a bucket drumming program.
  4. What happens in a Bucket Drumming class? Interactive games requiring teamwork will be a large focus of the class. Through drumming, self expression is promoted. This is one very simple way of musical expression for non musicians. Students will also work on various drumming patterns designed to fit together to create a complete program or presentation. A wide variety of fun music is chosen, such as “Can’t Stop That Feeling, Wipe Out, We Will Rock You and more.
  5. Is it necessary for my child to play an instrument to participate in camp? No, it is not necessary. This camp is about exposure to the arts in an interactive way. We hope to inspire your child to pursue further music or dance education long after camp is completed.